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Game Rules

Points System

General Rules

Terms & Conditions

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Game Rules

1. Games consist of two 20 minute halves, 40 minutes in total with a 3 minute interval.

2. Teams consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10.

3. No tackling from behind.

4. A player in possession of the ball may not carry that ball backwards for more than two steps in an attempt to win a free kick from a "challenge from behind".

5. No two-on-one tackles.

6. Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up from a back pass.

7. Goalkeepers may only handle the ball in the demarcated Goal Box.

8. Goalkeepers may NOT pick up a back pass if it is played off the rebound wall.

9. Outfield players may not handle the ball at any time.

10. If a player carries the ball into the corner circle, opponents may not tackle that player.

11. The player has 5 seconds before they must leave the corner circle or pass the ball.

12. Upon leaving the corner circle, a player cannot return until another player has touched the ball.

13. If after 5 seconds, the player remains in the corner circle, possession of the ball is overturned to the opposition.

14. If the ball is kicked out on the long sides of the pitch, the opposition continues play from where the ball went out.

15. If the ball is kicked out on the short sides of the pitch, a corner or goal kick is awarded to the opposition.

16. No run up is allowed when taking penalties and the standing foot must be grounded at all times.

17. No sliding is allowed.

18. The ball cannot be played by a player lying down.

19. A player given a yellow card is sent off for two minutes.

20. A player given a red card is sent off for the remainder of the game.

21. During a free kick, the opposition player must be a minimum of 2m away from the ball.

Points System

WIN: 3

At the end of a league season, the top 2 teams within each league are promoted up a division, and the bottom 2 teams relegated down a division.

General Rules

1. Players must adhere to the Game Rules.

2. No metal studs allowed.

3. Players and spectators must promote "Fair Play".

4. Always respect the match officials' decisions.

5. Teams must be responsible for the payment of the games throughout the season.

6. Teams must be punctual for the scheduled kick-off time.

7. No drinking of alcoholic beverages during matches.

Terms & Conditions

1. Completion of the registration process will place the newly registered team on our Waiting List and does not guarantee the team a place in the league they have selected.

2. Urban 5occer will contact the Team Representative to confirm the team's acceptance into a league.

3. Once a team is registered in a league, one league game will be played each week for a period of nine weeks. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins the league.

4. No game will start unless the FULL game fee is paid.

5. If your team does not arrive for a scheduled game, your team will be liable for the FULL game fee, which includes your opposition's game fee. The game will be forfeited and the score will be 3-0 to the opposition.

6. If your team is not able to make a game, you have until 12h00 on the day of the game to re-schedule that game. Should it be after 12h00, the game will be forfeited and your team will be liable for the FULL game fee (for both teams), and the score will be 3-0 to the opposition.

7. Rescheduled games may be scheduled in a late timeslot or on a different night to your preferred night and your team might have two games on one night.

8. Teams cannot reschedule the first or last game of the season.

9. Only one game per season may be rescheduled.

10. Games go ahead as usual on public holidays.

11. It is the responsibility of the Team Representative to check the website regularly and read all notifications for updated game times.

12. If your team withdraws from the league at any stage, your team will be liable for the remainder of the FULL league fees.

13. Games will still go ahead in the event of bad weather. At management discretion, games may be called off should there be severe conditions.

14. Any misconduct whatsoever at Urban 5occer will be dealt with by management accordingly.

15. Urban 5occer, its management and employees will not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any players or visitors on the Urban 5occer premises.

16. Players or visitors will be held liable for any intentional or malicious damage done to the property or facilities at the Urban 5occer premises.

17. Urban 5occer reserves the right to amend or relax any of the above rules as they deem necessary.

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